By Desmond Hansen
November 25, 2015

Invigorate HGH

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Invigorate HGH promises to…

• Enhance muscle mass
• Increase energy levels
• Improve sex drive

I’ve seen many companies make similar claims and then fail to deliver.

So, my interest wasn’t piqued until I saw this promise on the official website: “100% Satisfaction Guarantee.”

Since many companies don’t offer guarantees, I’m always thrilled to see one. Not only does it demonstrate the manufacturer’s confidence in Invigorate HGH, it lets users try the product risk-free.

How Reliable Is the Guarantee?

Not every guarantee is as good as it sounds. But Invigorate HGH’s 90-day 100% money back guarantee is the real deal. Here’s what the company recommends doing:

1. Use the entire Invigorate HGH bottle
2. If you don’t get results, contact customer service for return instructions
3. Follow the instructions exactly
4. If you bought more than one bottle, return the used and all unused bottles

After receiving your return, customer service refunds you the full cost of Invigorate HGH. Shipping and handling fees are not refunded.

I wanted to make sure this guarantee is reliable, so I contacted the company. They assured me that every Invigorate HGH purchase is guaranteed. As long as users follow the instructions, they will receive a full refund.

How to Contact Customer Service

There are three contact methods:

• Phone: 1-877-206-2877
• Email:
• Live chat: available on

I prefer live chat because it’s fast and I receive a visible answer. This is helpful, because I can copy and save the answer for future reference.

Does Invigorate HGH Contain Actual HGH?

Invigorate HGH has HGH in the name, but it doesn’t have hormones in its formula. Growth hormones are illegal if you don’t have a prescription. But because Invigorate HGH is 100% natural, anyone can obtain it legally. Most healthy adults can use it safely, too. Talk to your doctor if you aren’t sure whether Invigorate HGH is safe for you.

Luckily, Invigorate HGH doesn’t need synthetic HGH to be effective. Instead, it uses natural ingredients that stimulate the pituitary gland to release more HGH.

HGH Releasing Ingredients

L-Glutamine – keeps HGH levels high and prevents muscle breakdown.

GABA – optimizes the body’s environment for HGH release and boosts HGH production.[1] It may enhance muscle growth and strength, too.

Alpha GPC – stimulates the pituitary gland to release more HGH. It also enhances brain health and memory.

L-Dopa – a dopamine precursor. As dopamine increases, HGH production is also increased and mood improves.[2]

Other Beneficial Ingredients

Vitamin B6 – improves protein and carbohydrate metabolism, and muscle growth. It may increase testosterone levels as well.

Cissus Quadrangularis – proven to promote weight loss, but researchers don’t know how it works.[3]

Zinc – essential for reproductive health. In men, it boosts testosterone and sperm count.[4]

Hops – provides stress relief and helps people fall asleep and stay asleep.[5]

Alpha Lipoic Acid – protects brain cells from toxins and enhances brain function.[6]

L-Carnitine – reduces fatigue and increases insulin sensitivity, which improves blood sugar regulation. It may promote weight loss, too.

Testosterone Advantage™ (calcium fructate) – naturally increases and maintains testosterone levels.[7]

Magnesium – strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure, and builds muscle.[8]

Is Invigorate HGH Safe?

Invigorate HGH only contains safe, natural ingredients. But it’s also important that this HGH supplement contains recommended dosages. I’m not sure what dosages are used since this information is not shown online.

If huge dosages are used, Invigorate HGH might cause side effects. However, Invigorate HGH combines 12 ingredients into a small capsule. So, it is unlikely that huge dosages are used because a small capsule couldn’t hold them. In addition, customer reviews do not mention negative side effects.

What Are the Invigorate HGH Benefits?

Because it contains proven ingredients, Invigorate HGH may provide these benefits:

• Improved muscle growth and strength
• Higher energy
• Better sleep quality
• Healthier, smoother skin
• Stronger sex drive
• Faster metabolism
• Weight loss

These benefits are the natural results of high HGH levels.

Do Users Like It?

I couldn’t find many online reviews, but those I did find were very positive. Invigorate HGH users said it works better than other HGH supplements. They say results came quickly and met their expectations. Here are some results users experienced:

• Fat loss and muscle growth
• Higher energy
• Improved health

There are only two problems with these reviews. First, I only found five. Second, they are on the official website, which is a biased source. As more reviews become available, I highly recommend reading them before making your decision.

Buying Invigorate HGH

The best place to buy Invigorate HGH is the official website. Here are the prices:

• One bottle (60 capsules): $29.95
• Two bottles: $59.95
• Three bottles: $79.95

When you buy more than one bottle, shipping is free.

Not only is Invigorate HGH guaranteed, it is also one of the most affordable HGH supplements.

There aren’t any free samples or a free trial offer, but I see this as a plus. Most companies use free trials to hook consumers into auto-ship programs. Buying Invigorate HGH doesn’t entail any sketchy fine print. The process is simple and safe.

Shipping Invigorate HGH

Invigorate HGH is sold in and outside the U.S. To see where it ships, click the “Order Now” button on Then, open the drop-down menu under “Country.” Not every country listed here allows supplements to pass customs (e.g. Australia). It’s your responsibility to make sure Invigorate HGH is allowed in your country.

Invigorate HGH ships within 1 business day. If you live in the U.S., it arrives within 3-4 business days. There’s no estimate for how soon international orders arrive.


Originally, I was intrigued by Invigorate HGH’s guarantee. But it’s the ingredients that really sold me on this HGH supplement. Invigorate HGH has eight proven ingredients and two are powerful HGH releasers. The ingredients that don’t increase HGH should still provide users with great benefits. Since Invigorate HGH contains safe ingredients, chances are good it’s a safe product.

I highly recommend using Invigorate HGH. It’s a high-quality product, but also very affordable. And you can try it risk free.


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Invigorate HGH Customer Reviews

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Rya Says:

a0a0 This review is from: I have been using this purcodt now for about a month now. I usually take a packet in the morning when I first get up and many times after I work out and I have gone really hard within the workout and really built up a great sweat. I did some research before buying the purcodt, and looked into it’s claims of raising HGH levels. Now in my mid 30 s I wanted to keep combating the signs of ageing for my body as well as give myself a bit more edge when working out. I can tell you that after taking ]for a few weeks now, I do notice a difference in a few things. As many other reviewers have mentioned it does appear to help me greatly with soreness after a workout. I subscribe to doing 2 major muscle groups per workout, and going until complete exhaustion, and not hitting the muscle group up again until the next week. When you work out like that, raising your weights and upping your workout every time, you get a great workout, and you really get a great burn.. which builds your muscles very quickly, but can also leave you in some pain. With the way I go until fatigued, I am often surprised when there is not alot of pain afterwards, due I believe, to this purcodt. On top of it, I have dropped in body fat for sure.. but who can say if that is as a result of this [ASIN:B001183T1M MHP Secretagogue-One, Lemon Ice, 30 packets [13.8 oz (396 g)]] or because I eat 6 times a day and have a protein shake as 2 of the meals . I have added alot more fresh fruit to my diet as well, to go along with the high amounts of protein I am ingesting. I will tell you, I have worked out very hard and not taken the Secretagogue after and I do feel more pain in the muscles, which leads me to conclude it works when I do take it. As for the claims of raising my HGH.. I am not sure about.. I really have no way of measuring those levels within my body unless I get a blood test of some sort. Even then I have read that your levels of HGH change throughout the day as affected by sleep, stress, exercise and diet.. so I have to give it 4 stars. I cannot claim that it works for that, just yet. So I hope this helps a bit in some fashion.. and if I come up with anything else, I will be sure to post!

December 7, 2012 at 8:56 am

Lois Says:

I took the HGH Invigorate supplement for a month. Unfortunately I found no positive effects from it. I will not be re-ordering.

July 11, 2013 at 1:12 pm

Jon P Says:

I have been using your product for 4 months. I am 61 and have noticed the following results.Energy level up,muscle tone up,sex drive up,sun damage age spots significantly reduced due to fat replacement under the skin,my cholesterol level went up so I had to switch to lipitor to reduce it, but I’ll take that anyday for all of my great results. I will be reordering this product. I have never commented on a product before but I just wanted to thank you for such a great product. I will re-order this product.

April 21, 2014 at 8:10 pm

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